fortnite battle royale tips

Fortnite from Epic gameplay getting the intense popularity and it is surely going to take down all the games developed for PC and Consoles. Due to dense and confusing gameplay, it can be tough to progress but the below given are vital Fortnite tips and tricks to help you out.

  1. While moving from one location to another or going to any building right next to you, be precautious and don’t run in open. Tress, buildings and cliffs are helpful in landing a cover to you and keeping away from being spotted.
  2. No location is completely safe in Fortnite, getting the cover and staying precautious let your survive. However, keep looking around and moving slowly instead of staying long at any location. Every location is full of opponents so stay secure and aware.
  3. After finding someone around or listening the sound of someone around, carefully move to the corner and areas that are safe. Always look back whenever you get the time.
  4. Use headphones to get advantage. It helps in knowing either someone is around or not. The sound effects offered in Fortnite are good to help in better progression.

These are some basic but important tips to focus on otherwise you can face issues lately. Stay secure and play wisely.

fortnite gameplay ps4

Fortnite Gameplay

Fortnite offers an impressive but strategic gameplay where you have to survive among the 100 other players. There are two modes offered, first one is save the world which is Player Vs Environment. In this mode, you need to explore the world and tackle down all the issues occurring to character. This co-op sandbox survival game offers you to craft weapon, buildings and many other things from the collectibles. Even you have to fight against encroaching monsters. Going out on missions and completing the quest is important in this mode that’s why you have to focus on it to reach on apex.

Secondly, you get the battle Royale focused on Player vs. Player matches. This mode is following the same mechanics of the previous one; however, you have way more things to do. It is quite similar to PUBG. This mode is all about surviving out of the 100 in the battle. It is only able to support 100 until now but you can easily do it by focusing on tips mentioned before. Weapon play the important role in this game however, it is all about skills.

Fortnite Guide

While playing the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite, you can easily find that lots of players are against you. In order to stay safe and being the last man standing, this Fortnite guide offer few basic but vital tips. These are –

  • Even in large maps, you can see players wondering around. You need to take decision whether to shoot or not. Killing opponent means, valuable weapon or other items like ammos. Even it can end the game so always stay careful and think less while taking actions.
  • Headphones let you feel the movement of players wondering around. Keeping the volume high lets you hear every single thing and it can be flipping the match in few seconds that’s why you can rely on this method due to number of benefits offered by it.
  • Weapons and resources can be seen in areas full of players. It can tempt every player to go there and grab maximum number of resources. However, it is harmful and you shouldn’t rush immediately to those areas.

Instead of heading to these locations, you can get more resources from villages and other locations. It is all about exploration that’s why keep on focusing on safety always.

How to Win In Fortnite?

In order to dominate over opponent, few basic tips can help you out. You need to focus on landing at right zone and then move to other factors.

  • A good weapon lay hands in taking down higher number of opponent. And if you are using basic pistol then believe me, you can last long for the half of a battle. Get better weapons first.
  • Keep moving and exploring however looks around for other players. Use headphone and listen movement. Go to populated zone but be careful because it is risky. Aim the opponent and shot.
  • You need to run after shooting so that no one can watch you out. It is easy and we recommend sightseeing otherwise it is hard to win. Try to look for areas with higher number of resources.
  • Use sniper and put opponent in the crosshead. Go for headshot because it is quite reliable and you can definitely take down the opponent by using this method. Make sure to hit in the head or the chest part.

These are few vital tips to take down the opponent and grabbing higher amount of resources in the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite.

Fortnite Tips For V Bucks

V-buck is the primary and important currency of Fortnite playing the vital role in progression and winning. It can be obtained by various methods and the easiest method is exploration. Well, these are few Fortnite Tips For V Bucks assisting you to gain the sufficient amount.

  • Login reward is the best way to earn a decent amount and you can grab resources daily. Various rewards are offered by Fortnite but it mainly offers the v-bucks.
  • Daily quests are offering you to take sufficient amount of need and it is easy to complete the quests. Just focus on the task for few minutes and keep on exploring to win.
  • Even you can get the reward by weekly quests and these are offering a great amount. These take time to complete and you can play it along the daily quests.
  • Collection book is the last but defiantly not the least one method offering you to add the weapon, heroes, survivors and many others things. It offer you v bucks in exchange of it.

You can also obtain higher amount of currencies by purchasing. You just need to visit the in-app purchases store and spend real money to get it.

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips 

Fortnite has two modes and the battle Royale is higher in trend due to the option of playing against 99 competitors. Basically, the battle Royale mode supports 100 players only and if you become the last man standing then higher amount of v-bucks are provided. Even you can get the resources too.

Start playing with the use of headphone, turn up the volume to listen movement of other players, get the best weapon instead of basic pistol and be careful. Go to the zones with higher population and hide in safe zone. Use snipers to put others in crosshair and always go for headshot. It will let you kill competitors faster.

Lastly, you have to run faster when someone is around but must get the cover of trees, buildings and other items. These will let you stay secure and make sure to hide as if you miss the shot. And if you hear any gunshots then play carefully because someone may be aiming at you. It is vital factor to survive in Fortnite battle Royale mode.

Fortnite strategy 

Due to having dual modes in Fortnite, both have different tips to survive. However, Battle Royale is hard to survive and we are mentioning the advanced strategy tips.

  • Must adjust your PC settings to get higher performance instead of graphics because a slight lag can make you appear in someone’s crosshair and getting eliminated.
  • While falling down from a airplane, you should land fast. Try to accelerate fast toward ground and sightseeing is important in this time.
  • Landing before others will help in laying hand on better resources and taking down landing players. It also let you get bonus on killing others but must focus on getting the available resources.
  • You can skip the previous tip of taking down opponent because taking a cover can let you last longer than others and it will be offering other benefits of staying secure.
  • Storms are hard to tackle and if you can find any storm coming toward then quickly run to safe zone and secure buildings because it is impossible to stand against a storm.

These will let you survive in the beginning and we recommend running in open areas because everyone is sitting on haunches to take each other down.

Fortnite Glitch

Every game available online has some glitches. It can be related to endless resources or never facing death. Well, Fortnite also have glitches but very few of them are available now. Developers fixed most of issues. It offers you great ability to exploit.

While landing, you can find the auto parachute option offer a great help but there is a glitch to make you land way before others and let you collect the best weapon and other resources. While landing down, you can press the jump button and skip the parachute opening. Just one inch above the ground, you can open parachute and you can land faster. It will help in winning over the opponent and provide the great advantages.

You can under the roof and no one will be able to know whether you are there or not. You need to go on roof and press the edit button. It will gives you many option and now, you can go under the roof as it will be transparent. It can make you get the advantages and take down opponent easily.

There are many online sources offering great hacks and glitches but you should be mindful because some can make you tackle to issues like getting banned from playing Fortnite.

Fortnite skins

There are lots of skins offered in this game and these can make your character look better and even some skins can make it less attention grabbing. Well, anyone can get the benefit of it and it is easy also. All the skins available in the game are available for v-buck and you can definitely get it by spending the real money. It is easy and quite reliable but you need to focus on choosing the right one of the need. Well, we are here to introduce you with popular ones. Some are common and some are rare so you can check it out here.

  • Green is the common Skin and it is available for 800 v-bucks. You can easily purchase it because it is cheaper than others. Most of the beginners and intermediates use it.
  • Blue is the rare skin and only the intermediate expert purchase it. You need to spend 1200 v-bucks so you can get it when there are higher amount of resources in the hand.
  • Purple is the most preferred and it is available at 1500 v-bucks. Slightly costly but it is the epic one and hard to obtain in the game.
  • Orange is the last and it is the legendary skin. You can get it for 2,000 b-bucks and only the experts use it.

If you want any of the skins then you can get it by spending the v-bucks and you are also able to spend money on it.

Fortnite Tutorial    

Basically there is no Fortnite tutorial but we recommend quick guides before heading to the game. Mainly, you have to get the resources because it plays the important role in progression. However the game starts from jumping of a plane. You should land first and find the way to ground. Check out the maps to that which place is right to go and you can get the benefit while landing and sightseeing. It is easy to land in safe area offering higher amount of resources. Be prepared for the opponent and stay aware to win over opponent. Use best weapons and dominate over opponent from a long range. Learn to use the weapon and hiding instead of opening freely in the beginner stages of the Fortnite. Even all the level have same concept and tips to follow.